In addition to individually priced services, we offer yearly massage memberships (one massage per month) for $980 and yearly full memberships (unlimited yoga and one service per month) for $2200.  

SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT by calling (816) 283-3108 or clicking here to book online.



INITIAL CONSULTATION 60 MINUTES $200, 30 MINUTE FOLLOW-UP, $60 Anyone seeking recommendations for current health concerns or the maintenance of their optimum health can benefit from an Ayurvedic consultation. Ayurveda differs from conventional medicine in that it pays great respect to each individual as a unique being managing ongoing imbalances endured from our routine, the weather and the season. Ayurveda is a natural medicine, not in only the use of food, plants and routine to cure, but through its theory that we are a reflection of nature. Three constitutions, or doshas, are used to describe this concept within us. Each person's dosha is relative to physique, physiology and psyche and knowing your dosha gives you the roadmap to your health. A consultation will discuss your inherent dosha, doshic imbalance and a plan for health including routine, food and herbal therapies. While Ayurveda has been treating a magnitude of health conditions for thousands of years, we find it specifically helpful in treating digestive issues, skin imbalances, stress, female hormonal concerns, insomnia and maintaining healthy weight.


INITIAL APPOINTMENT $100, FOLLOW-UP APPOINTMENTS $50 While many seek chiropractic care for musculoskeletal concerns, chiropractic has been used for treating conditions of the nervous system, allergies and headaches. Each patient under our care receives an exam, consultation and in-depth education on their respective condition. Independent of your reason for your visit, we feel it important that you have an active role in your care and have the appropriate tools to address your concerns. Thus in addition to treating with chiropractic manipulation and soft tissue therapies (Graston, ultrasound, TENS, cold laser), we use postural corrections and exercises for stretching, strengthening and neuromuscular re-education. We are currently only accepting insurance if you are covered by Blue Cross Blue Shield and Aetna. If needed, we provide appropriate documentation for submitting to your own insurance provider.

FASCIAL MANIPULATION INITIAL APPOINTMENT $200, FOLLOW-UP $100 Fascial Manipulation (FM) is a hands-on technique that releases fascial restrictions and densifications through intense, deep pressure on critical points of the deep fascia. This practice results in proper glide of tissue and function that would otherwise alter biomechanics, range of motion, posture and pain. This is the most researched technique in fascial work and is effective in relief of chronic and acute pain, often requiring only one to three treatments. 


MASSAGE, 30 MINUTE $45, 60 MINUTE $90, 90 MINUTE $120 Our massage therapists use treatments ranging from light to deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy and stretching in tailoring each massage specific to your needs. We use our house-blended oils that are prepared using Ayurvedic principles to further enhance the effectiveness of your care. Regular massage and bodywork is recommended for relief of muscle tension, joint aches and stress. 

ABHYANGA, 60 MINUTES, $90 Abhyanga is a traditional Ayurvedic treatment used to stimulate the subtle channels and systems through marma points and the healing properties of warm, herbal oil. The treatment begins with garshana, a dry lymphatic massage with raw silk gloves that stimulates circulation and prepares pores for the reception of warm oil. Abhyanga is oil application through rhythms massage, designed to calm the nervous system, promote deep relaxation and nourish the body. While abhyanga is suitable for all doshas and imbalances, it is especially effective in pacifying vata dosha.

AYURVEDIC HEAD, HAND AND FOOT TREATMENT, 60 MINUTES, $90 * For appointments, please book by calling Sage Center directly at 816-283-3108.* This treatment involves rhythmic massage of your head, hands and feet with the use of Ayurvedic herbal oils and facial masks. Techniques used to stimulate marma points in these areas with concentrated amounts of nerve endings allow for this to bring a complete sense of settling to your nervous system. This treatment is exceptional for de-stressing, increased lymphatic flow and circulation, and general grounding of the vata dosha. As with many Ayurvedic treatments, this uses generous amounts of oil. Please account for this when scheduling, as you will likely leave with oil in your hair. While this is a very therapeutic element of the treatment, the use of oil in your hair can be omitted if requested.

ROLFING, STRUCTURAL INTEGRATION, 75 MINUTES $100 Rolfing®Structural Integration is a type of bodywork that identifies structural imbalances in the body and uses direct tissue manipulation, education, and movement cues to tap into the body’s self-regulating core, allowing it to reach a higher level of organization. The goal is also to increase the body’s adaptability and re-define the cortical maps that correspond to different areas of the body—areas that may have gone “offline” from a sedentary or tension-filled lifestyle. One-time sessions can be helpful to clients, but traditional Rolfing® is done as the 10-Series, which is a 10-session approach to working with the entire body as a whole. Each session sets the groundwork for the next. More information on the 10-Series and Rolfing® in general can be found on the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute website:

SHIRODHARA, 60 MINUTES, $90 In this ancient Ayurvedic ritual, a continuous stream of warm, organic, herbal-infused oil is poured from a copper vessel over the forehead to induce relaxation and emotional balance. This treatment is especially recommended for those feeling worried or anxious, experiencing insomnia or headaches, or those looking for the ultimate stress relief or an effective way to quiet the untamed mind.

VISCERAL MANIPULATION, 30 MINUTES $45, 60 MINUTES $90 Visceral Manipulation treatments focus on the structures of the abdomen, chest and torso. They include gentle, focused manipulation of the connective tissues surrounding organs (viscera). Sessions are aimed at restoring proper organ function and releasing restrictions of the spine. Please wear comfortable, loose clothing and undergarments as some techniques require a seated posture.


BLOOMING LOTUS FACIAL, 75 MINUTES, $90 This deeply rejuvenating facial begins with a a custom dosha balancing aromatherapy blend to prepare the mind and body. Facial massage is performed to facilitate lymphatic drainage, stimulate circulation, flush toxins and improve skin tone. Custom cleansers, floral waters, masks, serums and moisturizers are chosen to address your skin's current imbalances.

DERMAL INFUSION, 90 MINUTES, $135 This treatment is for returning facial clients or with recommendation from our skincare specialist. This non-acid peel infuses the dermal layer or "true skin" where the work of building collagen and elastin actually occurs. This treatment is customized with active ingredients to address hyper pigmentation, rosacea, acne and maturing skin.

LED FACIAL, 105 MINUTES, $135 Our favorite treatment for aging gracefully or battling acne! LED light therapy is a safe, UV-free, non-invasive treatment utilizing specific wavelengths of light. This method is scientifically proven to increase collagen and elastin, stimulate tissue regeneration, decrease inflammation and kill bacteria that causes acne. This facial combines the decadent Blooming Lotus Facial with the addition of 30 minutes of LED light therapy, a perfect choice for those beginning a series or who have already completed a series of LED treatments.

LED MAINTENANCE, 45 MINUTES, $50 For optimal results, LED treatments are recommended in a series of twice a week for four weeks. This treatment includes cleansing, 30 minutes of LED therapy, hydration, facial serum and eye and lip cream. If scheduling in this manner is challenging, try scheduling one time per week for eight weeks. 

MANUAL LYMPH DRAINAGE, 45 MINUTE $70, ADD ON $50, 10-SESSION PACKAGE $630 Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) is a gentle yet profoundly effective massage technique. MLD moves lymphatic fluid carrying away dead cells, waste and toxins allowing the cells to bathe in fresh nutrients and oxygen. These fresh nutrients feed the tissues allowing them to regenerate. When the tissues of the skin are healthy it encourages fibroblast production and puffiness while increasing the flow of Prana or Qi and revitalizing tissues. A profound effect is the melting of tension and settling of the nervous system into deep rest. 

HERBAL STEAM, BODY, $30 This full body herbal steam tent can be added to any treatment to enhance the process of detoxification, hydration and relaxation. 


  • Brow Shaping, 30 minutes $18

  • Lip or Chin, 20 minutes $10

relational THERAPY

Relational Therapy (or Psychotherapy) provides a source of relief from emotional pain, self-worth issues, relationship problems and trauma. Often times emotional processing takes a backseat to productivity, accomplishing tasks and maintaining an expectation of appropriate societal behavior. Finding a safe space to share, be heard and understood frees up one’s energy to feel more present, focused and less reactive.

Lily Dawson, MS, S-MFT offers a tailored therapeutic experience to each client’s needs. Meeting the client where they are comfortable is her number one goal. She is trained in numerous modalities to treat a broad spectrum of presenting concerns including anxiety, depression, disordered eating, addiction, perfecting tendencies, relationship issues, trauma, mood disorders, personality disorders, loss and life changes. 

  • 50 Minute Session $108

  • 90 Minute Session $148