Natalie strives to identify possible origins of kinetic dysfunction. Her aim is not to eliminate stress but to help maintain comfortable living in spite of it. She has been licensed in Missouri and nationally certified for over 15 years; she is passionate about the initiation and management of physical wellness. Natalie’s work focuses on identifying the multiple lifestyle choices, habits, and postures that lead to pain and discomfort, and she is never satisfied with short-term solutions. Massage helps to lengthen overactive muscles and bring oxygen and nutrients to all tissues, encouraging a proper alignment of the skeletal structure and improved efficiency in the body’s overall function.

Natalie received her original training and certification for therapeutic massage from the Johnson County Community College in 2001. She has since maintained all of her certifications through extensive continuing education. In 2005, Natalie earned her bachelor’s degree in philosophy from the University of Missouri-Kansas City. In 2011, Natalie enhanced her work as a massage therapist by certifying as a NASM fitness trainer and corrective exercise specialist. Since then, Natalie has earned both a Master's degree and a Ph.D. from the University of Kansas in Communication Studies, which enable her to support individual and community health through the study of interpersonal relationships.

While enjoying the pleasures and challenges of being married with two young children, it is Natalie’s goal to continually seek education, so that she may be better able to educate others, enabling them to initiate and manage their own personal wellness.