Lisa has had the privilege of studying, practicing, and teaching yoga and the philosophy of yoga for 26 years. Her love for yoga extends across many styles beginning with Iyengar and evolving into flowing styles of Vinyasa, Astanga, and Prana Flow. She offers balanced and inspiring classes that blend rhythmic breath, fluid movement, and careful attention to alignment. She loves to challenge her students but she will also make you laugh and encourage you to love yourself and take yourself lightly. Through her own self discovery and healing of her physical  body, she has become more compassionate and understanding of what her students may be going through. She has grown to love teaching slower, quieter styles such as Yin, Deep Stretch, and Restorative. It gives her great joy to hold space for students in theses classes. To watch them let go and surrender to the experience of peace and healing. She continues to evolve on her spiritual path through her yoga practice on and off the mat. Her yoga practice keeps her connected to her Self, connected to the Divine. Her spiritual practice helps her to heal and love her Self.  From this space, through her teachings and life, she can share this light to help heal others.