Lily was drawn to yoga for exercise but then stayed with the practice for the spiritual and meditative effects. Lily obtained her YTT-200HR Certification in 2017 with Liz Klug in Columbia, Missouri where she was introduced to mantra practice through Kirtan. Lily focuses on seasonal chants and meditations that are relevant to the given time of year, astrological moment or topical going-on. She believes that meditation and mantra work are important additions to the physical asana practice and it brings connection to the whole self and humanity.  She knows life operates most optimally when the light and the dark are in balance to one another.

Off the cushion Lily works as a jewelry maker and is currently obtaining her Master’s degree to become a psychotherapist through the Marriage and Family Therapy program at Friends University. She is a member of the all-female artist collective, the Cherry Pit Collective and is a Student Therapist at Great Oaks Therapy Center.