Leslie has had an ongoing and expanding practice since 2005. What she initially believed was a tough, but well-balanced, physical regimen developed into a spiritual, whole-life practice. In the spirit of looking for a way to share her passion for the path of yoga with others, she began teaching classes at her local gym. It didn't take her long to recognize the differences between purely fitness-based yoga and the richer practice she was doing at her studio, Kansas Siddhi Yoga. Eager to learn more, she began apprenticing with Gina Caputo and has been absorbing the vast yogic teachings ever since. Her desire to learn and serve her students is surpassed only by her loving-kindness and extraordinary depth of her heart.

Leslie equally loves a challenging, intelligently sequenced Solar class and the deep release of a Yin class. She also has a special passion for empowering young women (pre-teens) with yoga, as well as introduing kids to the invaluable tools a lifelong yoga practice will provide. Leslie's mother died when she was only 10 years old and this tragedy taught her how precious life, love and relationships are and has sought to live that truth every single day. She strives to bring this wisdom into her teachings.

Leslie is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) through Yoga Alliance and has a Bachelor's degree in Physical Education from CMSU. Aside from yoga, her great love is her family, including her wonderful husband Nick and her amazing children Neko and Josie.