Kirsten has been practicing yoga since 2002 and at Sage and Kansas Siddhi Yoga since 2007. She was just shy of her 40th birthday when she began practicing. Having raised two kids, rehabed two houses and just beginning a job that required hours of sitting in front of a computer, Kirsten had been busy and felt a need to nurture herself. As a result, she suffered from severe and debilitating lowerback pain. The benefits of her new yoga practice made themselves clear in a dramatic way almost immediately. Looking back, it is clear that those benefits, amazing as they were, were only the beginning. Her relationship to the practice, and in particular to this studio, is one of deep gratitude and the journey has been staggeringly fruitful and fun!  

In 2010 Kirsten completed her 200-hr teacher training at Kansas Siddhi Yoga with Gina Caputo and Sarah Kucera. She continues to study and is honored and grateful for the opportunity to teach at her favorite studio. Her classes focus on safe movement in combination with the use of krama (stages or levels of the yoga posture) within each asana, thus making every class approachable to all levels. She also finds the simple act of practicing conscious breath and movement has such profound effects on our lives, one that is difficult to put into words. It is a matter of great importance to her that the myth which states that yoga is for "skinny" and "stretchy" people be dismantled! She believes that yoga belongs to all and will benefit anyone who is willing to try.