Kalen incorporates Rolfing™, CranioSacral Therapy and Visceral Manipulation into individualized, intuitive sessions, where she helps clients gain more mobility. Growing up in Winfield, Kansas some of her favorite childhood memories are practicing tap and ballet exercises alongside a voice emanating from a vinyl record in her small town dance studio. She danced from the time she was allowed to enroll in dance class until her senior year of high school. Later, she attended the University of Kansas where she received her BA in English and then her MFA in Fiction. During school, craving the type of embodied movement she’d had growing up, she began practicing and teaching Yoga. Nearing the end of college, she realized she wanted to make a career helping people through movement and bodywork--to help people, including herself, live lighter, happier, and pain-free lives. This decision led her to study at the Rolf Institute of Boulder, Colorado immediately after she graduated from the University of Kansas in August of 2013. The Rolf Institute is the headquarters of a globally recognized method of Fascial Manipulation founded by Ida P. Rolf, which she called “Structural Integration” but became more commonly known as “Rolfing”.

When Kalen is not working, practicing yoga, or taking a Barre class, she is usually reading or at the dog park with her two cute dogs, Lucien and Mavis.