Jen is a river guide, your sassy chaperone on the path to deeper awareness and full-potential living. She's a lighthearted, compassionate teacher whose classes are completely accessible yet encourage you to challenge yourself and get a little feisty with your perceived limitations. She adores that we will always be students of yoga and never masters, young Jedi.

Jen teaches in a flowing Vinyasa style and each class is informed by the current season as well as the energy and experience level of the students. Her signature class, Gandha Flow, is a unique yoga class that incorporates essential oils and aromatherapy. It is perhaps the only yoga experience where you'll leave smelling more delicious than when you first unrolled your mat.

Jen also offers a radical approach to skin care. She utilizes her knowledge of ayurveda and aroma acupoint therapy to provide a completely customized, holistic facial treatment. She's committed to using the purest ingredients, ancient wisdom and cutting edge technology to unveil not just good looking skin, but optimally functioning, healthy skin.