When James began his yogic journey years ago, he never imagined he would someday be teaching yoga to others. On a fateful day in 2004 James met Gina Caputo, his first and most influential teacher, and he soon became a devoted student and seeker. His personal evolution has continued over the years since then, fueled by his desire for continuous personal growth, a committed asana practice, and his amazing teachers. A manifestation of Prana Flow yoga and self-proclaimed "Prana Surfer", James is continuously honing his ability to ride the waves of prana, connect with the Universe and all beings within it, and realize an increased awareness of his full potential.

James has experienced first hand the transformative power of yoga, and wants to help other seekers tap into its limitless potential, on the mat and in every day life. He credits the teachings of yoga as having transformed his life, his attitude toward life, and how he perceives himself, others, and the world around him (a continuous process, of course!). Through the yogic lens he can now see every new day as an opportunity to learn, to teach and to serve. James is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) through Yoga Alliance.