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Weekend with Jason Bowman: Master Class and Workshops

  • Sage Center for Yoga & Healing Arts 1907 Wyandotte St. Kansas City, MO 64108 (map)

Join us for a weekend of workshops and classes with Jason Bowman, October 25-27!

Registration is below and reflects early registration pricing until October 18.


Friday, October 25, 5:30-7:30 pm

Alongside the skills of humor, balance, and concentration, mastery is demonstrated in yoga through a keen sense of participating in all the movements of life. Join well-know San Francisco teacher Jason Bowman in a challenging but accessible flow class intertwined with playful takes on arm balances, twists and backbends.


Saturday, October 26, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Sometimes we get bored in yoga, sometimes we get a sense of having plateaued in the practice. But it's at this moment when we begin to understand what it really means to be an advanced yogi. This workshop will hit a reset button and provide tools to more fully engage in regularly-led classes. In a way that is neither dry nor overly-intellectual, we will give context to the HOWs and WHYs of the practice, especially as related to core strength, breathing and transitions between poses.


Saturday, October 26, 1:30-4:30 pm

The fourth best thing about handstand is that its precariousness forces one to pay close attention to what they’re doing; it’s a pose that tricks a person into presence. The third best thing about handstand is that it’s a factory of feeling; the body glimmers with life. The second best thing about handstand is that it breeds structural integrity; the fundamentals of alignment create a sense of continuity in the body. But the ultimate best thing about handstand is that if you can do it you’re basically guaranteed fame on Instagram.


Sunday, October 27, 12:00-3:00 pm

Have you ever noticed your feet curled up in your shoes while stuck in traffic? Or your teeth pressed together while sorting through to-do’s? It’s the byproduct of this clenching that causes fatigue, both physical and existential. Thankfully for us though, voluntary relaxation is at the pinnacle of yoga. As the mind sharpens through practice, one comes to recognize that postures no longer deepen through effort and strength, but instead through control over the nervous system. It is the defense mechanisms therein where dis-ease arises. In this workshop we will practice the art of unclenching through methodical restorative yoga as well as a brief practice of sitting still.

Weekend with Jason Bowman

Jason Bowman leads teacher trainings, retreats, and guest lecture series both around the US and internationally and is strongly influenced by years of Ashtanga Yoga and Vipassana Meditation practice.