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Ayurvedic Anatomy with Dr. Sarah Kucera

Learn the Ayurvedic perspective on the formation of our tissues (dhatus), how to know when they are in a state of depletion or excess, and what to do about it.

with Dr. Sarah Kucera, Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner

Ayurveda holds a unique theory on the way our body forms tissues such as blood, muscle, fat and nerves. There is a sequence to how they are created, with the second tissue relying on the health of the first, the third relying on the health of the second, and so on. For example, if we don't have healthy blood, muscle will not be able to form properly. If we don't have healthy nerves, our reproductive system's health will suffer. This concept teaches us that the symptoms we experience may not be the only area of concern. Together, we'll review the tissues, their order of creation, signs and symptoms of depletion or excess, and how we can heal through food, herbs and routine.  

$25, advance registration encouraged

Ayurvedic Anatomy