New Students

Welcome to our studio! Please allow yourself extra time to find our location, park and consciously arrive. We have a new student card for you to complete and we want you to feel comfortable in our space without an inkling of feeling rushed. We have mats and props for your use, but in preparation of your arrival, here are a few other things to consider:

  • Wear comfortable clothing, somewhat fitted so that you can move easily and that we can see your body's alignment for proper safety cues.

  • Consider bringing a hand towel, should you sweat.

  • If you are a beginner, choose to attend Basics, Lunar or Relax Deeply as a first stop. Your first class is $10 and we also offer additional new student specials on class packages.

  • If you have an injury or any existing health condition, it's imperative that you communicate with your teacher so that proper modifications can be given.

  • We want you to be as present as possible during class, so please leave all belongings outside the yoga room where they are absolutely safe.

  • You are flexible and strong enough and nobody in class will watch you, laugh at you or make you feel like you don't belong. Because you do belong.