The benefits of eating seasonally

Benefits of eating seasonally

Our gut's microbiome changes with the season! There is new research showing this, but researchers are still questioning why. Ayurveda has been recommending seasonal eating since inception because the food available in each season balances what nature brings and our ability to digest changes along with it. Our digestion happens to be strongest in the winter because we are amping up our protein stores with things like nuts, seeds and of you're carnivorous, meat. Pictured here are some seasonal spices. Clockwise: star anise, cinnamon (these are chips of the bark rather than a stick--cinnamon sticks are dried quickly and lose volatile oils), nutmeg and clove. All of these have a warming effect on digestion and help us to break down food and avoid things like stomach pain and gas 💨. Cinnamon and clove are good for pain and increase micro circulation making joint pain decrease. Nutmeg is a sedative and helps with sleep. Star anise, well it does those things but it also looks pretty while doing it! 🍎🍇🥕🍁🍂🐿 Eat seasonally!