Ritual alert!

Rituals and self-care

Ritual alert! I wholeheartedly believe we are healthier and happier when we have a conscious opening and closing to our day along with steadiness throughout. Still, I also know that sometimes there isn't the time or the know-how to get started.

Here's a start to a short evening ritual. I use this when I'm feeling low on energy or when I need a reminder to connect with the things that feed my soul. Bringing this to my awareness makes it easier to reboot and recharge at times I need it most.

Beginning Evening Ritual For Adrenal Fatigue: Before bed, sit alone in a quite room. Take 3 deep breaths, breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth. In a journal, answer these two questions: "What are the things I did today to refuel?" and "How can I leave space tomorrow for the things that bring me energy?" Close your eyes and know that today was exactly as it should be and that tomorrow is full of opportunity.