Ayurveda and oils

Ayurveda oils

We're in the dry season of fall, so let's talk oils! I remember once having concern about a friend cutting oils out of her diet. I laugh now, but I was so worried about her myelin sheath--her myelin sheath! This is the fatty covering of your nerves that insulates them and is essential for function. My conclusion was that if she didn't take in fat, her body couldn't maintain healthy fat tissue and thus, there go the myelin sheath! 😩😬😭

This may not have been so far off, despite being dramatic. Dryness aggravates the vata dosa which leads to nerve irritation, anxiety and insomnia--something we have to be cautious of in the fall. Don't shy away from getting healthy fat intake through nuts and seeds and if you consume dairy, things like ghee. Cook with oils that are refined and used for high heat cooking like safflower, coconut, sesame. Coconut is cooling ❄️, so it should be reserved for early fall. Sesame is very heating ☀️, whereas safflower is light and cool 😎 and can be used early fall or spring.

And...apply oil liberally to your skin! Sesame or a 1/2 sesame 1/2 safflower or sunflower works best this time of year, or one formulated with herbs, flower essences and essential oils right for you!