A scent-sational way to spice up your rituals

Scents and memories

Scents play an important role in our emotional balance. Of our senses, the sense of smell is most related to our memories and emotions. They are shown to more vividly bring back a feeling than an image can.

There’s a muscle balm that I use in my practice that reminds me of my grandpa every time I open the container. It has wintergreen and the combination of that and other herbs smells a little like his chewing tobacco. Kind of gross, but that’s how it is. I was a tomboy growing up and since he was a farmer, I’d spend a lot of time outside on the farm. That’s the association I make and the memories that flood in.

Pairing a scent with your rituals may make it easier for you to invoke the type of feeling state you search. Dedicate a certain candle, essential oil or incense to a practice and you might find the association helps hold you accountable!